You’re back in the room…


Thursday morning’s early morning run held a weird experience.

The brief was a 60 minute steady run, which was going pretty well. The iPod was playing some good stuff on shuffle; the weather was cool but without sufficient nip in the air to demand gloves or leggings; even the pace seemed to be going ok.

About five miles into the run, I started day dreaming. I was thinking about all sorts of stuff: what will it be like to cross the line in Brighton? How can I get more people to donate to my chosen charity the East Anglian Air Ambulance? wouldn’t it be great to be faster? What’s work going to have in store today; What’s for breakfast?

I became so engrossed in these thoughts that all awareness of anything else left me. It was almost trance like.

I don’t know exactly how long I was in this state, but all of a sudden I literally “popped” out of it. I imagine the feeling may have been similar to that which people emerging from hypnosis  experience. All of a sudden I was once again totally aware of my breathing, my legs turning over and the cool air in my face. On looking around, I found I had “lost” about half a mile. I’d got no recollection at all of passing landmarks I knew were on that stretch of road. It was the strangest sensation.

Has anyone else ever experienced this or am I alone on this one?

I’m running the Brighton Marathon and Holkham Outlaw Half raising funds for the East Anglian Air Ambulance. To donate, please visit my JustGiving page HERE


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