Just another manic Sunday

Picture the scene:
Sunday, 5th Feb 2017.  8am.
A friend was due to come for Sunday lunch.
The house looked like a bomb had gone off in a pig sty
Mrs Ives was feeling distinctly panicky about the state of affairs.
The kids were busy emptying toy boxes and jigsaw pieces onto the floor.
Oh dear…

Being a “modern man” of sorts, I offered to help out – by getting out of the house and taking the tribe with me…

My eldest (Lily, age 5) has been to a couple of junior park runs before and also has a 10am swimming class at a school pool right opposite the Park Run venue. It would be easy to keep her entertained for a while with a runn and swim. She jumped at the chance to go and do another park run and was looking forward to her swimming, but that left the challenge of what to do with Oscar (age 2).

Fortunately, Oscar has a rather robust pushchair and we all proceeded to do Junior Park Run together. We started at the back of the field out of courtesy to other runners, but found it to be too congested and Lily, Oscar and I were soon barrelling through the pack (fortunately without running over any children or leaving angry parents in our wake. It was close a couple of times though!). Lily ran the whole way round and Oscar was heard to be giggling to himself in the buggy every once in a while. In my view the paths of the Eaton Park course aren’t really wide enough for buggy running when there are a lot of people in the field, but for the most part we stayed out of the way and managed to have a nice safe race. No PBs for Lily this week, but that had been “expectation managed” already due to running with the buggy.

From a running form perspective, I found running with a buggy an interesting challenge. Certainly something that could be done again, but don’t expect to see me on any 10K runs with it anytime soon!

Getting home following the run and Lily’s swim lesson, we found Sunday lunch well underway and a nice tidy house to boot. It’s amazing what Mrs Ives can achieve when the kids are not around!!



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